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AVI to new iPad 3 - Download AVI videos to new iPad 3

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AVI to new iPad 3 - Download AVI videos to new iPad 3

Post by vivian058 on Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:29 pm

AVI to new iPad 3 - Download AVI videos to new iPad 3

AVI is so popular that many videos with this extension. You may just have lots of avi videos and want to play them on your new iPad 3, but due to the format restriction, it’s impossible. Is there any solution? Yeah, according to my own experience, converting avi videos to iPad 3 mp4 format is the easiest and ultimate solution. Why? Since i have this problem, i once tried to look for a player that can play all of the avi videos, after several attempts, i find media players still have format restriction, only part of the avi files can be played well, some can be played but with poor quality, some even can’t be recognized. Finally, a friend told me, h.264 mp4 is the best format to new iPad 3, pretty good video quality with reasonable file size. So i tried to convert avi to h.264 mp4, the result is very good.

Maybe you are still confused on how to realize it. Don’t worry, now, i will share you the detailed information you need to play avi videos on new iPad 3.

1. A suitable avi to new iPad 3 converter should be installed on your computer, i use windows 7, so i choose this version, if you use mac computer, you need the Mac avi to iPad 3 converter. then, iPad 3 presets will be showed to you. But mac version doesn’t have patch file currently.

2. After the installation, run this avi converter for iPad 3, add your avi files into this program. This tool supports batch processing, you can import Multiple files at one time.

3. Choose iPad 3 video formats, Click on “Format – > iPad”, There are many presets for new iPad 3, just according to your need, choose the right one. For myself, i prefer “iPad 3 HD video (*.mp4)”, which supply the 720p video quality.

As you see, after you selected the preset you like, there is a “Settings” option, which allows you to adjust some video parameters, like bitrate, frame rate, codec, video resolution and more.

4. Press the big “Convert” button to start the process.

When you get the converted file, stream them to new iPad 3 via iTunes, then, you can watch avi movies on iPad 3 freely. That’s all, hope this article helps.

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