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The Way Syncing Blu-ray/DVD/HD videos to Apple TV 3

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The Way Syncing Blu-ray/DVD/HD videos to Apple TV 3

Post by vivian058 on Fri May 18, 2012 4:26 pm

The Way Syncing Blu-ray/DVD/HD videos to Apple TV 3

Apple TV 3 is a
hot device for you to watch videos on your TV, released on march this year, the
Apple TV 3 has attracted great attention the same as the new iPad. The Apple TV
3 is great for us to watch high-definition movies on HDTV. May be you have
collected many Blu-ray or DVD discs, or have download many HD movies in
different video formats from websites, now you can watch these movies easily on
TV through Apple TV 3, just need a Apple TV 3 video converter, below is a brief
guide for you to better play Blu-ray, DVD and HD videos on Apple TV 3 without
the limitation of the video formats, just follow it.

HOT: Check
out Pavtube's
Apple TV 3 column to
get more movie-enjoyment tips about Apple TV 3 and more special offers during
Pavtube's Big Sale Season.

1.Download Pavtube Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate for Apple TV
, if you need to run the software on Mac OS, please download
iMedia Converter for Mac. With this excellent software, you can
rip Blu-ray, DVD and HD files to Apple TV 3 supported formats.

2.Install and launch this Blu-ray/DVD/HD to Apple TV 3 converter.

3. Click format bar to choose the output format, please click and choose
"Apple TV -> Apple TV H.264 1280*720 (*.mp4)", this format is perfectly
supported by Apple TV 3. Besides, you can choose other formats for output as you

4. You can click "settings" button in the main interface
to adjust the output parameters, you can change the resolution, bitrate and
audio channels as you want.

5. Click "convert" button to start.

With Pavtube Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, you can
convert Blu-ray to Apple TV 3, convert DVD to Apple TV 3, or convert MKV to
Apple TV 3, etc. you can play any videos in Apple TV 3 without limitations.
What’s more, you can go to Apple TV 3 column to find detail solutions.

If you just want to convert mkv/avi/tivo/m2ts to atv 3 on mac, you can
try mac video converter for atv 3, it's an excellent apple tv 3 converter for

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